the luna moth
feminist fan art & pop culture critiques
When you become a patron of The Luna Moth, you help bring thoughtful fan art celebrations of women and women-helmed books, music, television programs, movies, and video games into the digital space. Plus, when you become a patron, you help me provide special, Patreon exclusive rewards to feminists like you, who actively make my art possible.
If you're more interested in a one-off commission, The Luna Moth also offers individual commission opportunities!
Graphic Design: 
Resumes, CVs, cover letters, marketing materials, logos/branding, portfolios, application packages, presentations, book layouts, magazine spreads, websites, and more!

$35 p/h

Art Commissions (Digital): 
Price contingent on complexity of commission. Basic black and white sketches start at $15, cartoon style digital paintings start at $45, and realistic digital paintings start at $250.

Social Media Content (written): 
Facebook posts, Instagram captions, Twitter threads, Blog posts, consumable opinion pieces, etc. You could even hire me to argue online with your crabby Uncle Jeb, so you don't have to do it yourself!

$25 p/h

Academic & Other Professional Content (research and/or writing): 
In-depth opinion pieces, historical research, historical writing, educational materials, press releases, grant proposals, requests for proposals, speeches, training materials, ghost writing, and anything else that requires a respectable author.

$55 p/h

Omeka Digital Exhibit Creation: 
Let me create a custom digital exhibit for your academic, professional, or personal needs. Give me existing written materials and I can build a visual exhibit around your finished project. 

OR go ahead and hire me to do the research and writing for the exhibit too!

$45 p/h (without any academic level research or written content creation)
$100 p/h (with in-depth academic level research and written content creation)
Thank you!